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Signs That Your Elderly Parents Are Ready for Assisted Living

While many elderly people are quick to accept when they can no longer live on their own and will fully embrace the process of finding a suitable assisted living facility, others are a little more stubborn. If your parents have enjoyed living on their own and are initially reluctant to move elsewhere, they may not outright tell you that they need help. In this scenario, you'll need to watch for some signs that your parents are ready to move from their home into an assisted living facility. When you begin to notice these signs, it's ideal to talk to your parents about this transition and schedule a visit to a local facility so that your parents can see all the benefits of this type of living.

They're Not Cooking as Much

As some people age, they have trouble making three meals a day. You might notice that your elderly parents have reduced the amount that they cook and may be dining out, ordering in, or even skipping meals. Each of these scenarios can be detrimental to their health. For example, restaurant food is often high in salt, sugar, and fat, which may lead to health issues. You can explain that moving into an assisted living facility will allow your parents to enjoy regular, healthy meals and snacks without having to prepare them for themselves.

They're Having Trouble Getting around Their Home

As people age, mobility can begin to be an issue. For example, if your parents have a two-level home, they may find that it's arduous to climb the stairs to the bedroom. In some cases, you might find out that your parents are sleeping on the ground floor of their home to avoid having to use the stairs. This type of living isn't enjoyable. One of the benefits of moving into an assisted living facility is that this home is often just one level, allowing residents to get around with ease. For two-level facilities, residents can take an elevator.

They're Making Potentially Dangerous Mistakes

It's a big concern if you learn that your parents are making dangerous mistakes. For example, one parent could leave the stove on, resulting in a small kitchen fire, while the other could take the incorrect medication and land in the hospital. Both of these issues can be prevented by moving into an assisted living facility. This new form of living means that your parents won't have to endanger themselves by cooking, and they'll also have help taking their medication to ensure that they do so correctly.

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Home Health Care: Not Just for The Extremely Ill

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