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Increasing The Safety Of Your Bathroom For A Handicapped Relative

If you have a handicapped relative living in your home, you are most likely concerned about their well-being at times you are not around to assist them. Many slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom because of the increased humidity and moisture content in this area. Here are some tips you can use to enhance your bathroom so there is a decreased risk of your handicapped loved one getting injured while inside.

Add Hand Rails In Key Areas

Install hand rails in the bathroom so your relative will be able to use them to get to the areas in the room they need to use. These should be placed a bit above waist level next to the toilet, sink, and tub. Placing one near the door is also a good idea so it can be used as reassurance when opening or closing the door to the room. Use rails in a contrasting color from your room's wall color so they are easily to see.

Place Gripping Tape To Help With Footing

Place pieces of rubber gripping tape in the bottom of your bathtub or shower. Your relative can grasp their feet onto this area instead of sliding as they bathe or get in and out of the tub or shower. The tape can be matched to blend in with the coloring of your bathtub or shower floor and even comes in shapes to enhance the appearance. Placing gripping tape on the bottoms of any bathmats will help in keeping them in place as they are utilized.

Consider Investing In A Walk-In Tub

Installing a walk-in bathtub to replace a standard one will be a welcome addition your relative will enjoy using. This will allow them to open the doorway on their own and get inside without having to lift up their legs to do so. There is a seating area they can use to rest comfortably while bathing as well as a hand-held shower nozzle so they can rinse themselves without difficulty. 

Hire A Home Care Worker For Reassurance

Hiring a home care service to assist with tasks in the bathroom can be a great way to ease the mind at times you are not at home. A caretaker will be dispatched to the home according to your specifications and will be able to help your relative with personal care needs including being directed on and off the toilet or with bathing. This person would also be available to help with a variety of other tasks from helping with meals to checking on medical conditions. 

Install An Intercom System For Quick Assistance

Placing an intercom system in the bathroom where your loved one will be able to call out for help when needed will be beneficial in keeping them from getting injured. If they have a home care worker present at times you are not around, they will be able to call out for assistance rather than take a risk in walking to an area on their own if they are not feeling comfortable in doing it themselves. Place a communication unit near the toilet and tub as these are areas where your loved one will most likely need help most. 

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